A Scholarship, School Shootings, and Prayer

The Prayer Soup, Inc. Board of Directors is proud to announce the Second Annual Prayer Soup Scholarship Essay Contest. Our first effort proved so successful that we all decided it was important to continue the tradition.

The mission of Prayer Soup, Inc. is to encourage people to talk about prayer by encouraging them to share their prayer experience, rather than their personal belief systems. We know teenagers have a lot to say and we wanted to include them in the conversation in ways that could prove relevant to their education and their lives.

We are again inviting high school seniors to share a significant prayer experience and how it has impacted them by writing a 600 - 1200 word essay. This year we are adding a specific context: our national tragedy of school shootings.

One of the most heartfelt arguments in our country today is the place prayer holds within this context. What is the impact, if any, of prayer on these tragedies and their aftermath? Is it true, as critics claim, that “we need more than words and prayers” to prevent them and to offer true solace to those affected, and to to our country at large? Or is there an actual power in prayer that if accessed, could provide meaningful answers to this national heartbreak?

At Prayer Soup, we are interested in hearing about all experiences with prayer. They can be positive or disappointing or even non-existent. We are also interested in understanding what insights have been gleaned from these experiences: what do you make of this experience? Does your experience suggest that prayer is a powerful tool for good, for yourself, for others, for the world? Or does your experience seem more like a product of your childhood with no real value to you as you move into the complexities of adulthood?

School shootings are a sad and horrifying fact of our modern times. No one is affected more by them than children and teenagers and their families. If there is some power in prayer, than it is time to access that power. And teenagers may just have the wisdom to let us know how to do that.

If you know a high school senior who has something to say about this and is willing to share their prayer experience, please pass this on. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2018 and the $1500.00 award will be announced in March 2019.

Please scroll down to the end of this page for further details on how to enter our Second Annual Scholarship Essay Contest.

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