Out of the mouth of babes....

Recently, a little person came into my bedroom the first thing in the morning and shared an observation. She outstretched her arms with a joy befitting the occasion and said, "I wake up!"

I have decided to use this as my earliest morning prayer.

I have also decided to use it at various times during the day when I do, in fact, wake up to something I was unaware of the moment before: a problem solved, any of my senses previously unused, insight into anything I may or may not have been searching for.

I have promised myself to use this prayer even if what I'm waking up to is not what I've hoped for, or feels painful, or opens a door to more complication. My hope is to not lose sight of the fact that waking up itself is the thing that I celebrate.

I believe this is where my connection to divinity is located. And I look forward to meeting it many, many times a day.


A-K, Sous ChefComment