Wonder Woman!

Today, I saw the movie Wonder Woman and the official Prayer Soup review is a "thumbs up!"

Perhaps you are wondering about the connection between prayer and film review! Yes, this is a movie version of a comic book; it has special effects, lots of action and wildly attractive actors portraying a variety of characters. But - spoiler alert - it is essentially a cinematic version of prayer.

Don't let this put you off! Consider this: the story is the classic struggle between "good" and "evil". It starts with innocence and moves into the longing we develop for more: more knowledge and understanding of the world and our purpose in it. There is resistance and pain when life refuses to conform to what we think we know and literal "baptism by fire". And finally, truth is revealed and new strengh is found. The answer to the longing turns out not to be an end, but a beginning, and we understand that the journey continues, clearer, but more complicated. We experience the ultimate revelation that the struggle takes place not only on the outside and around us, but inside us as well.

Now isn't that exactly your experience with prayer?!?

My ongoing experiment with trying to change the way we talk and think about prayer has yielded this for me: that a prayerful state is literally everywhere we are. Its power is part of us and we carry it with us the way Wonder Woman carries her superpower cuffs. We can unleash its power whenever we want;  the choice is ours.

By the end of the movie, Diana Prince has been to Hell and back. She is no longer the innocent she was at the beginning, yet she chooses love. "Love will change the world", she says. She believes it, and so do we.

Try and tell me this is not a prayer!

A-K, Sous ChefComment