"Where Do We Go From Here?"

“What are you making of the experiences of your life? “

“What are you doing to spread the light?”

“ What sounds are you making for joy and peace?”

“ What does it mean to radiate love, to act in peace, to speak for justice?”

These are some of the questions asked in a video by the activist, writer and story teller Jan Phillips:

“Where Do We Go From Here?”

This video was shared with our Board and we knew it was worthy of the description “Food for Thought”!

It is the implied required action in these questions that we love and that underlies our philosophy at Prayer Soup. Interestingly, this is the same theme that many of our scholarship-essay applicants wrote about in connection with prayer experience and school shootings. Once you expand the concept of “prayer” beyond words and thoughts to include positive and thoughtful action, the power of prayer expands as well.

See what you think…