"Daring Larks"

We are stealing from a wonderful essay written by the columnist David Brooks. You can read the entire essay if you Google  https://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/15/opinion/what-is-inspiration.html

It's an essay from  April 4, 2015, but, so inspiring is it, that it was torn from the New York Times that very day and squirreled away under, okay: "Inspiration". 

What caught our eye originally is the oft-mentioned corollary with the word "transcendence", which we use repeatedly when trying to explain our unique definition of "prayer" at Prayer Soup. We will be stealing as well, his understanding of this in the future: "a thrilling feeling of elevation...an awareness of enlarged possibilities". We think of "prayer" here also as something  more behavioral and energetic than simply words; Brooks writes in this column that inspiration "is always more active than mere appreciation".

We particularly like his description of inspired people: "When people are inspired, they are willing to take a daring lark toward something truly great. They're brave enough to embrace the craggy fierceness of the truth and to try to express it in some new way."

We believe that daring lark(s) are what moves each of us toward each other, and the world forward. Prayer Soup is our attempt at this. What is yours?


Ann CarrComment