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Prayer Soup has been created to share the many ways we use the process called "prayer" to search for meaning.  We want to present a nonreligious-specific, non-dogmatic forum for sharing our unique prayer experiences with others. We hope this process expands our understanding of prayer, and encourages us to discover the commonalities of prayer within the rich and diverse communities of our human family.




We are pleased to announce that we are currently choosing finalists for our Second Annual Scholarship!

We received over 450 essays from 44 states and the District of Columbia. As expected from our contest last year, the essays covered a wide range of religious and spiritual beliefs, including Buddhist, Pagan-Wiccan, Agnostic, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, and Atheist. Our writers experienced the horrors of school shootings themselves, or have lived with the fear of gun violence finding its way to their schools every day. They write about this, as well as the context of their lives which includes the complete range of human experiences: illness, domestic violence, loss, friendship, family, community and school.

All of the 450 essays received were read by our Board of Advisors and narrowed down to 115 semi-finalists. Our amazing Advisors are a diverse group of educators, therapists, parents and spiritual seekers of all stripes. We asked that they chose for this first round by a simple standard: what resonated with them? They are now engaged in more critical selection: which essays applied critical thinking to the experiences written about? Did the essay connect the experiences of prayer with school shootings or treat them as two separate subjects? Are they well-written, and proof-read? The essays will be rated on these and other criteria, and the highest rated essays will become Finalists and forwarded to the Board of Directors in March.

All of us are humbled and honored by the gift of these shared experiences from high school seniors all over the country. We will agonize over choosing just one essay, when so many of them have moved us, and taught us something about what it is like to be a teenager in America today. We thank everyone for the effort and heart you put into this project.




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Our documentary on Millennials is in full swing! Did you know that research indicates that this group of young people (ages 22- 37) falls off the grid of traditional organizations/religions? Yet we know they are actively searching for meaning, purpose and connection. How are they doing that? Our documentary explores this and more. If you know a Millennial who has completed college but is not yet married or has children, and who would like to join the conversation, please have them contact us at info@prayersoup.org. By providing a forum for articles, resources and user stories on  experiences with prayer, we hope to create a platform that encourages people to think about and share their experiences with prayer in an expanded and inclusive way. Join us!

Lines to donate blood for Vegas shooting victims

Lines to donate blood for Vegas shooting victims


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We all know the magic that happens when someone adds a handful of this or a pinch of that to a recipe we’ve cooked for years. Combining ingredients we hadn’t thought of before helps us notice flavors and textures in a new way and opens us to delicious possibilities! We invite you to add your unique prayer ingredients to our pot! 

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I’ve started taking a Christian meditation class at my Catholic Church, which has turned into a pleasant surprise for me. I can actually feel the love of God filling up my heart as I do it, giving me a feeling of unconditional love. This in turn inspires me to approach others with this same love and acceptance.
— Deborah S., Florida

I learned from both my favorite acting teacher and my closest spiritual mentor that when we embody the courage to express ourselves from exactly where we are, a pathway opens; my personal heart seems to connect to the Heart I know I share with the rest of the world.
— Jeff C., New York

People often talk about prayer as something one ‘does’ but I feel it is more of an attitude toward life and daily living. It doesn’t occur to me to ask for specific things, and I don’t direct it out to anyone; I am aware of being in partnership with a divine energy that I refer to as the Holy Spirit.
— David J., Massachusetts

One day my father told me that people would finally know God when He visited His Wrath on them. I said, ‘Oh, Daddy, I will know God when my tomatoes come up.
— Annette R., Oregon
I close my eyes and breathe. This is how I begin my meditation session each day. I never considered meditation a form of prayer but now I realize that while meditation is not like the prayer that requests help from outside oneself, it is the kind of prayer that provides care of the soul - attending to one’s quiet and unquestionable inner knowledge.
— Rachel N., Washington

Every experience is a doorway.
Some have hidden handles.
Some no handles at all.
Those open themselves to you.
But you must knock, knock, knock knock until they answer.
— Jonathan J., New York

One of the disciplines of building a rich soul life seems to be the simple act, on a daily basis, of remembering what is most important to us.
— David Whyte, Poet
I am a ‘woman of a certain age’ and I have been praying in the traditional way all my life. I’ve had prayers answered, and I’ve had prayers not answered. But I’ve always felt more peaceful when I’ve done it. And that’s a kind of answer, isn’t it?
— Ann W., Connecticut

I’m not a religious person but sometimes clients tell me that they will pray for me. I never knew what they actually meant when they said that but now I’m going to ask!
— Deborah H., New Jersey

Seed catalogs anticipate my imaginary summer.
My diagram, strings on sticks, make the garden map.
Super sugar snap, habanero, bush baby, butternut.
Row on row on row, each seed another triumph.
Conceivable, possible, all is possible. Life is possible!
— from the longer poem, 'cover crops'; Roger M. Massachusetts

  We are delighted to be announcing our Second Annual Prayer Soup Scholarship. Members of the Class of 2019 who are expecting to graduate and continue their education in some form are invited to apply. Please submit an essay about your experience with prayer (rather than beliefs or teachings) of between 600 - 1200 words. Your essay must be included as an attachment to an e-mail sent to info@prayersoup.org. Your e-mail should include all contact information including your name, mailing address, phone contact numbers, the name of your high school, and how you heard about the Scholarship. There should be no contact or identifying information on the essay attachment. Your essay will be assigned a number so that all submissions can be judged blindly by our Board of Advisors and Directors. Essays/attachments that contain identifying info will be disqualified.Your essay should include a description of your prayer experience as well as its aftermath: how it moved you, or changed you or challenged you in some way. We are interested in hearing about all prayer experiences - good, disappointing, confusing or even non-existent. You should include your thoughts on how your experience and insights could be applied to our national tragedy of school shootings. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2018 and the Scholarship winner will be announced in March of 2019. The award of $1500.00 will be paid directly to the school of higher education the Awardee has been accepted at, and chosen for attendance for the 2019-20 school year. All essays become the property of Prayer Soup Inc. and may be published on the website. Decisions of the judges are final. You may contact us at info@prayersoup.org with any questions.




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